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Kleinwalsertal Wanderung


The Kleinwalsertal is absolutely brilliant for walking, and regular visitors to our region know and appreciate this as a fact. Hardly anywhere compares wth the fun and variety of walking in the Kleinwalsertal.

Whether you are planning a complete walking holiday or simply want to spend a few hours in the Great Outdoors during the course of your stay here, the Kleinwalsertal offers almost unlimited walking possibilities suitable for all levels of fitness and ability.

The Kleinwalsertal: ideal for walking

Walking counts as one of the most popular activities in the Kleinwalsertal, and that is why such an extensive network of well-prepared walking tracks exists here. And these are not only frequented by tourists: come at the weekend, in particular, and you will meet large numbers of locals making the most of their wonderful scenery.

But it’s not the footpaths alone: it’s the natural scenery and the large number of welcoming mountain huts that make the Kleinwalsertal a real paradise for walkers.

What natural phenomena can I expect to see in the Kleinwalsertal?

The Kleinwalsertal has a very special geography. The valley is enclosed by high mountains and can only be accessed by the one road leading in from Bavaria

Thanks to this unique location the Kleinwalsertal has remained unspoilt. Any impression man has made on the natural scenery is in the form of small-scale farming settlements.

What type of visitor is suited to walking in the Kleinwalsertal?

The Kleinwalsertal is suitable for all fitness levels and is very popular with senior citizens and those returning to walking after a break. To enable them to choose a route suited to their abilities, walkers can choose from three different grades of paths. A lot of tracks are also suitable for Nordic walking.

There are lots of lovely routes which can be easily mastered even by small children, so the Kleinwalsertal is especially popular for family walks. And, of course, dogs love their “walkies” here too!

For especially active people the region is perfect for trail running. In addition, walking can be combined with a climbing trip in the mountains.

Kleinwalsertal: walking at any time of year

In summer the Kleinwalsertal is especially popular for walking. There are plenty of opportunities for sunbathing, and afterwards you can cool off in a cool stream or forest.  

But the Kleinwalsertal is lovely even at other times of the year. In springtime many routes take you through a sea of rare flowers. Autumn tints the valley in tones of red and gold and the first snowflakes are already in the offing.

At the end of the year a host of snow-covered winter walking tracks await you, whilst some of the summer walking tracks are reborn as cross-country ski circuits.

Walking in the Kleinwalsertal: the best routes

We would now like to introduce you to some of the walking routes in the Kleinwalsertal. In doing so we will differentiate between tracks that belong to the so-called Walser Omgang and those which do not.

The Walser Omgang is a completely new project which is geared to improving general health through walking, eating and tailor-made exercise.

The top 3 walking routes through the Walser Omgang

The Omgang describes a way of doing things. Routes on the Walser Omgang are therefore defined less by their grade of difficulty and more by the type of physical and mental energy required for their completion. These fall into three categories:

  • Regenerating routes: These are located at valley level or at medium altitude in the Kleinwalsertal and are designed to restore body and mind to a state of peace and renewal after a period of stress.
  • Revitalising routes: These are located at high altitude and are designed to get body and mind moving again after a longer period of non-activity.
  • Harmonising routes: These are located between medium and high altitudes, and involve both regenerating and activating elements.

The walking can be complemented by further measures. Further information is available here.


Along the Schwarzwasser stream: regenerating walks in the Kleinwalsertal

The walking track along the Schwarzwasser stream is one of three regenerating walks on the Walser Omgang. The element of water in its guises is beside you as you walk, promoting relaxation and regeneration.

You start at the Auenhütte mountain inn and follow the Schwarzwasser stream until you reach the Walser Schanze. You should reckon approximately 3.5 hours to complete the 12 kilometre walk. Ideally the route should be walked between May and November.  

Fellhorngrat circuit: A revitalising walk through the Kleinwalsertal

The Fellhorngrat circuit is also known as the “know your limits” walk. With an height difference of 1,000 metres, a length of 17 kilometres and a duration of some 7 hours, this name is certainly well-suited.  

The walk starts and finishes at the Kanzelwand cable car, with which you ascend. You then start your descent along the ridgeway on the Austro-German border. This route is also best tackled between May and November.

Circuit through the Derra- and Dura valley: A harmonising natural experience

The nickname for this walk, which takes you along comparatively remote side valleys of the Kleinwalsertal, is “the empty space”. You walk through the Kleinwalsertal for some 4.5 hours discovering mountain huts, among others the rustic Spitalalpen.

The circuit starts and finishes in Baad. If you choose to take this route through the Kleinwalsertal in summer, you will be walking through a sea of green. Since there are a few ascents to be overcome, the walk is best undertaken between June and October.

The top 3 other walking routes – for all levels of ability

Apart from the walking routes included in the Walser Omgang there are numerous other interesting walks for all levels of fitness and ability. Here are three of the best.

Burmi track in the Kleinwalsertal: Walking with children

If you would like to try walking in the Kleinwalsertal with children, the Burmi track is ideally suited. With a length of just 1.5 kilometres, the walk takes you along a pleasant track through Hirschegg, following the Breitach stream.

9 discovery stations and games will fascinate walkers of all ages. The length of the walk depends on how long you want to spend exploring each of these stations: you should reckon with at least 45 minutes. The track is especially attractive between April and October.  

Circular walk to the Stierhofalpe: moderate route to the Genuss hut

Do you fancy doing a walk to discover the Kleinwalsertal’s mountain huts? If so, this walking route should not be missed. On the circular walk to the Stierhofalpe you will come across numerous huts, of which the final one, known as the Genuss hut, just has to be the highlight of this walk.

In the Stierhofalpe you can enjoy exclusively locally produced food and fabulous views of the mountains. The whole circuit is typified by its closeness to an unspoilt natural world.

By the way, the Kleinwalsertal is also ideal for walking with dogs. An 8 kilometre stretch of walking is sure to wear out even the most exuberant pooch. Plan approximately 3 hours for your walk, which is best undertaken during the period April to October.  

Wildental circuit: a challenging walk for discerning people

On the Wildental circuit through the Kleinwalsertal you will also come across several mountain huts, just waiting to be discovered. At the highest point you reach the Fiderepasse hut, which is located at an altitude of 2,070 metres on the Austro-German border. The most suitable weather conditions for this walk are normally between May and October.  

The walk starts and finishes at the Wildentalstraße car park in Mittelberg. Although you only need some 5 hours to complete the 13 kilometre walk, the challenging nature of the route makes it more suitable for experienced mountain walkers.

Still not sure? Talk to us!

Are you still not sure where to go walking in the Kleinwalsertal? We ourselves love walking in the mountains, and know the various walking routes like the back of our hands. Talk to us and we will be delighted to offer you help and suggestions for the walking route best suited to your needs. Otherwise, why not let one of our guides introduce you to the beauty of our mountain surroundings?