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Kleinwalsertal SKI AREA: THE Kleinwalsertal-Oberstdorf SKI AREA IN PROFILE

Is skiing your thing? If so, this is the place for you. The Oberstdorf-Kleinwalsertal ski area enjoys wide renown far outside its immediate surroundings.

Let us introduce you to our ski area and provide details of all the main attractions and offers. That way you will be able to find your feet more quickly at the start of your next ski holiday!

Kleinwalsertal ski area: size and location

A winter holiday in the Kleinwalsertal is something very special, and this is mainly because of the close proximity of the Oberstdorf-Kleinwalsertal ski area.

Located directly on the border between Austria and Germany, this ski area links the best ski runs in both countries. Awaiting you are approximately 130 kilometres of prepared pistes as well as 48 cable cars and ski lifts. It makes little difference whether you start out from Oberstdorf in Bavaria or from the Austrian Kleinwalsertal.

Mountains and ski runs in the Oberstdorf-Kleinwalsertal ski area

If you study the piste map of the Kleinwalsertaler ski area, you will see that there are ski runs linking 7 different mountains:

  • Nebelhorn: Here you will find more red runs; the long valley run is classed as black.
  • Fellhorn and Kanzelwand: As well as the red runs there are also some blue ones for less experienced skiers.
  • Söllereck: From the Söllereck mostly blue marked runs plus one red one take you back down to the valley.
  • Walmendingerhorn: Several red valley runs start here from an altitude of some 2,000 metres.  
  • Heuberg: This is the lowest mountain in the ski area: at a height of 1,380 metres it features both blue and red runs.
  • Hoher Ifen: The Ifen has something for skiers of every level, offering a selection of blue, red and black runs.

Kleinwalsertal ski area: piste map

Would you like to explore the ski area before your holiday in the Kleinwalsertal? The OK-Bergbahnen piste map’s interactive display shows exactly which pistes are available.

Helping you choose which run to do next, this piste map is indispensable during your holiday!

Would you like to check up on the local weather conditions beforehand? Why not take a look at the Kleinwalsertal and its ski area on the webcam?

Seasonal dates in the Kleinwalsertal ski area

Subject to suitable weather conditions, the Oberstdorf-Kleinwalsertal ski area is open annually from 6th December to 1st May. This period is divided into 3 seasonal sectors:

  • Pre-season: up to 24th December,
  • High season: from 25th December till 11th March,
  • Sun skiing: from 12th March.

Does the Kleinwalsertal have reliable snow cover?

The Kleinwalsertal and the Oberstdorf region are renowned for extremely reliable snow cover. Indeed, the valley is sometimes referred to as a snow trap, indicating that the area’s winter snowfall is considerable.

In the Kleinwalsertal ski area you can expect on average over 40 cm of snow in the valley and in some places over 200 cm on the mountain. The snow measurements are taken regularly in the area between the Walmendingerhorn, Heuberg and Ifen.

Special offers for skiers

A great ski holiday requires more than simply good ski runs and a nice view. If you choose to ski in the Kleinwalsertal, you will discover a variety of other options, including a selection of fun activities to add to your holiday enjoyment.

Crystal Family Fun parks

The ski area’s Crystal Family fun parks offer you and your family some very special adventures. The three fun parks offer:

  • Crystal Slope: 840 metre long fun slope on the Fellhorn, with wave courses, tunnels and lots of other attractions.
  • Crystal Peak: Easy fun park on the Fellhorn with a kicker line and an obstacle course for beginners.
  • Crystal Ground: Creative and very popular fun park on the Kanzelwand, offering a lot of entertainment including events and a varying series of set-ups.

The Mini Park on the Söllereck is the perfect place for young skiers to make their first ski jumps and perform tricks; it also features a monster ski route with lots of fun figures.

Freeriding and ski touring

The Kleinwalsertal is also very popular with freeriders and ski tourers. The region’s ski schools offer freeriding courses for beginners and also guided tours to the best freeriding spots.

In addition, from the beginning of January to the end of February you can join a ski touring evening on the Söllereck.

Ski schools and ski courses

Ski courses are perfect for learning to ski from scratch or for practising special techniques. The following ski courses can be booked directly online:

  • Ski instructor Andy Herr: Private ski courses for 1 to 4 persons, for anyone who wants to study special techniques or is keen to benefit from the experience of a professional.
  • Ski courses for returners: In small groups of 1 to 8 persons people returning to skiing after a longer period away from the slopes will pick up some useful tips.
  • Ausser Hirschegg ski school: Beginners’ courses for adults, children and toddlers, including snowboard courses.  
  • Bödmen-Baad Mittelberg & Hirschegg ski schools: Beginners’ courses for adults, children, toddlers and teenagers, including snowboard and cross-country ski courses.  
  • Riezlern ski school: Beginners’ courses for adults, children and toddlers, including snowboard courses.
  • Skischule Seite-Egg Riezlern: Courses for children and teenagers divided into three different standards of ability.  

Kleinwalsertal ski area: equipment hire facilities in the vicinity

It goes without saying that all the ski equipment you need may be hired in the immediate vicinity of your resort and ski area from our partners in the Kleinwalsertal. Especially popular are the hire facilities at Sport Kessler in Riezlern, Sport Pauli in Hirschegg and Sport Hillbrand in Mittelberg. Here too online booking is possible.

Kleinwalsertal ski area: prices according to age groups

One advantage of the amalgamated Oberstdorf-Kleinwalsertal ski area is the fact that you can ski all the runs in the region using just one lift pass. This means that for one price you can ski not only in the Kleinwalsertal ski area but also in the surrounding Bavarian Alps.

All tickets are valid as follows: the more days you spend in the Kleinwalsertaler ski area, the lower the prices. Examples of day pass prices are shown in this guide; further details can be found in the official price list.

Day pass prices vary according to the different seasons; by using multi-day passes in the low season you can expect to save a few euros. The quoted prices are valid for the 2021/22 ski season.

Prices for children

Children pay the same discounted prices whatever the season.
Young children under 5 years of age pay 9 Euro for a day’s lift pass. Children aged from 6 to 15 pay 20 Euro.

Prices for teenagers

This price category applies to all skiers who are 16 or 17 years of age at the time of visit. They pay 40.50 Euro for a day’s lift pass.

Prices for adults

Adults aged between 18 and 59 years of age pay 52.50 Euro for a lift pass in the ski area.

Prices for senior citizens

Senior citizens are entitled to slightly discounted lift passes in the Oberstdorf-Kleinwalsertal ski area. Skiers aged over 60 can buy a day’s lift pass for only 50 Euro.

And how about cross country skiing in the Kleinwalsertal?

Do you prefer cross country skiing? Here too the Kleinwalsertal has a lot to offer, among other 50 kilometres of prepared circuits, specialised cross country courses and the appropriate equipment hire facilities.

And if you decide to take a day off once in a while, you could simply explore the beauty of the Kleinwalsertal by taking a winter walk. And after all your outdoor activities, the Relax-Spa in our hotel is the perfect place to relax.