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Rooftop Infinity Pool Kleinwalsertal


Cross country skiers will find a small but delightful selection of ski circuits in the Kleinwalsertal. This little guide to cross country skiing in our lovely valley will tell you all about the routes and other facilities on offer for cross country ski aficionados

Cross country skiing in the Kleinwalsertal

The Kleinwalsertal is renowned for its proximity to the Oberstdorf-Kleinwalsertal ski area. But it also has a lot to attract cross country skiers in winter.

Cross country skiers often connect more strongly with their natural surroundings than do their counterparts on classic downhill skis, and the largely unspoilt natural scenery in the Kleinwalsertal makes it especially attractive to them. In winter some parts of the Kleinwalsertal circuits are only accessible by skis.

If you’ve come walking in the Kleinwalsertal in summer you will probably recognise the cross country ski circuits. They are still there where you would expect to find them, most of them doubling up as walking tracks!

Zahlen und Fakten zum Pool

Länge: 10 m

Breite:    4 m 

Tiefe: 1,35 m

Warmwassertemperatur im Winter: 28-30 °C

Im Sommer: maximal 23 Grad °C


Pool Journal

Beobachten Sie den Fortschritt des Poolbaus in Bildern.